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Specialists in Water Damage

Flooding and water damage can strike a home or business in many forms. In over 25 years, we’ve seen all types of water damage in the Chicagoland area. If you’ve experienced water damage at your home or business, our experienced staff understands the difficulties. We will work together, along with your insurer to quickly return you to your pre-loss condition. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a representative from Leads. If necessary, we’ll have an account representative on site to consult and estimate the damages within 24 hours.

When water damage occurs, you have to act quickly. Prompt mitigation efforts will reduce additional damage and mold growth. For this reason, Leads is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our representatives will coordinate personnel to your home or office to stop the source of the problem and mitigate the water damage. We can then analyze the extent of the damage and provide you and your insurance carrier with a repair protocol. Our certified experts will take into consideration moisture levels in materials and the air, mold, sewage, and more. Leads will provide you with a detailed computerized estimate, then, communicate with your insurance provider to obtain an agreement on the scope of repairs required. In the event your insurance does not insure flood or water damage, we will work with you to arrive at an agreed scope of repair.

Leads Construction can also be your solution to hazardous spills. Out staff has handled a wide variety of hazardous material spills. These are unique situations; often times there are environmental regulations and safety procedures that must be followed, so having a knowledgeable staff on hand is vital to expedite the cleanup process and restore the property. If you have had a hazardous spill, Leads Construction will ensure these efforts are coordinated effectively and appropriately.

Safety Hazards and Precautions to Take After Water Damage or Flood

A flood can cause physical hazards and emotional stress. You need to look after yourself and your family as you focus on cleanup and repair.
  • Avoid floodwaters; water may be contaminated by oil, gasoline or raw sewage.
  • Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits and leaking systems as soon as possible. Damaged sewer systems are serious health hazards.
  • Listen for news reports to learn whether the community’s water supply is safe to drink.
  • Clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Mud left from floodwaters can contain sewage and chemicals.
  • Rest often and eat well.
  • Keep a manageable schedule. Make a list and do jobs one at a time.
  • Discuss your concerns with others and seek help. Contact Red Cross for information on emotional support available in your area.
  • DO NOT Enter any area with standing water.
  • DO NOT Turn on lights in affected areas.
  • DO NOT Use outlets in affected areas.
  • DO NOT Walk on wet surfaces, if possible.
  • DO NOT Turn on A/C or heating, as it could spread contamination.
  • DO NOT Use your household vacuum to remove the excess water.
  • DO NOT Use electrical appliances while standing on wet floor or carpets.
  • DO NOT Stay in any rooms where the ceiling is sagging from trapped water.